About Linda Marie

Linda Marie Biography

Linda Marie received her Ph.D. in Energy Medicine from Universal University of Holistic Spirituality in July, 2005, and earned her doctorate in theology with honors from Holos University Graduate Seminary in Springfield, MO, in September 2004. Her dissertation study was conducted on The Effects of Archetype Education and Analysis on Depression. Prior to that she studied archetypes and medical intuition for almost five years with Drs. Caroline Myss and C. Norman Shealy. She is a certified aromatherapist, a Reiki master, and has completed multiple levels of Pranic Healing while dabbling in self-study in many other energy medicine modalities. Before gravitating toward energy healing interests, Linda was a business executive in the serious world of government with responsibility for hundreds of subordinates and multi-million dollar accounts. She has twenty years of experience working with many different world cultures and ethnic groups, along with people from varied economic backgrounds—the kind of exposure to life situations that she feels makes her more energetically open in her work as an intuitive and spiritual consultant. Clients of Linda’s rave about her open and non-judgmental approach to helping them get in touch with their emotional pain and behavior blocks. In addition to doing archetype and energy work with people, Linda continues to study relationships. In the spare time she had during her previous career, Linda was also a wife, divorcee, single mother, grandmother of a terminally ill infant, cancer patient, advanced SCUBA diver, equestrian, Girl Scout troop assistant leader, church choir leader, Bible school teacher, fashion designer, interior decorator, author of an unpublished romance-adventure novel, student earning a master’s degree in business, community theater actor, writer/producer/director/actor in several organizational productions, and the proud owner of a loud cackle of a laugh that has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion. She currently lives in Kansas, but considers herself a world citizen.

Author of:   Archetypes to the Rescue: Your Personal Key Toward Combating Depression


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