General Guidelines

This website is not designed to teach you how to select your natal archetype group. If you want to learn how to do that, sign up for courses at, or my book, Archetypes to the Rescue, gives abbreviated instructions on how to accomplish the selection process. Why am I being so dismissive? Because learning how to select natal archetypes is a complicated process that involves a lot of self-work. With that said, there is still a LOT you can do with archetypes in this very moment because you can tell which ones you are attracted to, which ones make you apprehensive, which you know you employ even though you wish you didn’t, and so on.

When we work with archetypes we have to remember that they are not good/bad, pious/evil, light/dark–they simply are. It is how we choose to employ them that make them stand out and fall into categories of societal judgment. What does this mean? Let’s say someone radiated toward Murderer. The mere thought of this archetype attracts this person in ways others aren’t. Is this person doomed to become the next Manson? Remember, the archetype itself has no judgment attached to it. It could belong to a doctor or researcher determined to “kill” cancer in our lifetime. It could belong to a judge, lawyer, detective or warden determined to “eradicate” our streets of crime. It could belong to an author wanting to horrify us with suspense and expose us to depravity so we can act out our predatory natures within the safety of a novel.


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