Mistress Energy/Betrayal A-M

Addict: Sexual addiction is not the only type of addiction to consider here, but it may be driving the addiction car when under the spell of Mistress Energy. We may feel we are addicted to a person because of what he/she does for us, or means to us, but in reality it is usually a sexual attraction of some kind that draws us. And while that is usually a great thing, it can be detrimental in addictive quantities. Addictions take us beyond our rational minds and we begin to justify any behavior we wish to indulge in. This can be dangerous with sexual addictions because if we lose our judgment we may participate in dangerous, unprotected sex. We might also engage a partner who is married or dangerous in other ways (e.g. a gangster, a boss, the boss’s wife). Addict under this spell will feel it needs the sexual contact so desperately that no risk is too great. We must also look to addictions that involve mental impairment (e.g. drugs, alcohol), because it could be our need for a substance that causes us to be unfaithful to a partner, or eager to be with anyone, instead of valuing what we have to offer to a relationship. Mistress Energy, just like substance abuse, causes us to “settle.” We feel the only important aspect in life is the attainment of this “thing,” and life is useless without it. Until we can overcome this need and realize that we are important and valuable as a partner we will continue to subordinate ourselves to addictions or to the need to have someone, anyone, with us.

Betrayed Addict: wouldn’t be adverse to using threats of suicide or drug abuse to get the attention it craves. Of course if it does it’s because the partner/situation pushed it to this extreme. If the situation involves a relationship addict, desperate behavior will result in an effort to keep the object of its attraction. Retaliation may lead Addict into a chain of unhealthy relationships (behaviors) in effort to hurt the person who hurt it. Betrayed Addict will feel any behavior it exhibits is justified, whether it is illegal or immoral, for its aiming at hurting the one who hurt it (all the while praying it can have back the relationship).

Alchemist (Wizard, Magician, Scientist, Inventor): My definition for Alchemist is someone who can make something out of nothing, and it certainly applies to Mistress Energy! Alchemist convinces itself there is a relationship when the reality is that it is being used as a sexual diversion. Or, it is fabricating a reason to have an affair (or to moonlight, cheat or spy at work, etc.). The only reality is that the magic in the cauldron is a figment of the imagination. Alchemist can create intensity; things become more about the smoke and mirrors required to keep the illusion alive for as long as possible. It is important to ask whether it is the person being pursued that is so alluring or whether it’s the pursuit itself. On the other end of relationships, Alchemist could also be convincing itself that someone loves him/her when there is no relationship. This could be the result of a fantasy where the other person isn’t actually involved, or it could be that someone is using him/her for sex and Alchemist is insisting that it’s a full-blown relationship. Regardless, the end result is pain because something always happens (like a snap of the fingers) to wake up the participants.

Betrayed Alchemist: is capable of cooking up all kinds of schemes to get the attention of (straying) lovers. Alchemist is creative and imaginative; the only hope is that whatever it comes up with won’t backfire (with fatal or irreconcilable results). Before efforts are taken Alchemist must look inside to be sure that what it’s inventing isn’t the relationship (or successful business) it thought it was in.

Angel (Fairygodmother/-father): Angels look for the good in others and when under the Mistress Energy spell may not be able to see the red flags of potential disaster. Some “bad boys” prey on Angels because they think they might make good wives or they like the opportunity to feel “good.” This lasts about two minutes before they start to feel inadequate to live in the Angel’s world, or get bored. This leaves Angel with a wounded heart and a head full of confusion. Some Angels will turn bad, or lose the light for a while, because they feel used and worthless. Wounded self-esteem usually heals with time because above all Angels know how to forgive, and eventually they can even forgive self. Some Angels survive the temptation to become bitter, but might be even more susceptible to the next (bad) person that comes along. This Angel may feel that being with anyone is better than being alone, and since he/she may not feel pure anymore, an anxiety to “belong” to someone may overrule common sense. This is how seemingly mismatched couples end up together. Unfortunately the odds of them staying together are rather stacked against the couple. If they are going to make the relationship work a middle ground has to be found—the Angel has to become more “human,” especially in the bedroom; and the “bad boy” has to become more domesticated. (Note: we are not talking gender here, so the “bad boy” could be the female in the relationship). What Angel needs to realize in order to break the spell of Mistress Energy is that we are all human; we are not expected to be perfect. Mistakes can be overcome and used as learning experiences. You, Angel, are not above the energy of this planet—if you think you are your arrogance will be your downfall. Do what you do best—forgive yourself and whomever else you may need to, and then look for a positive way forward.

Betrayed Angel: has (country western) lyrics written for it (your good girl is gonna go bad, etc.). “Cutting off your nose to spite your face” comes to mind, for whatever (amoral behavior that goes against its normal grain) the Angel does to rebel or repay the way it’s been treated will only come back to haunt it.  Angel must learn to be true to itself and know that even though things may seem rotten in the moment that the Universe seeks a joyful, abundant place for its own. Betrayed Angel may also swing in the other (extreme) direction of the emotional pendulum; it may clam up in indignant prudishness, casting extreme condemnation upon itself and zealotry in its behavior and expressed attitudes.

Artist (Actor, Author, Craftsperson, Poet, Gourmet, Chef, Sculptor, Interior Decorator, House Builder, Weaver, Storyteller, Bard): Artists usually need to create, and sometimes look to a Muse to get the juices flowing. This can become a dependency under the spell of Mistress Energy and if something happens to the Muse, creativity could follow it out the door. That may not be such a bad thing sometimes, we all can use a break. But, if creativity is what puts food on the table one cannot usually afford to just stop. It’s also a lot of expectation to put on the Muse. It might start to feel suffocated or subjugated. Either way a rift between Artist and Muse would be the result and depending on how serious it was, could result in a shutdown of the Artist. This archetype is usually more sensitive to its environment than many other archetypes, so loss of a Muse would be deeply felt. Artist may be inconsolable until reconciliation is made or the Muse is replaced. It is also important to note that creativity, as an energy, lives in the second chakra, which is the sex chakra. Everyone can be ruled by sexual energy, but Artists are more susceptible to it and may fall prey to sexual temptations much easier than other people. Those who do maintain a monogamous relationship will probably have a high sex drive throughout life and will want a partner with equal enthusiasm. If the partner is not willing to explore sexuality on an equal level, Artist will be more tempted to look elsewhere and may feel fully justified in doing it. If Muse is also this (unwilling) partner, it could cause great confusion within Artist. We must also realize that Artist can be prone to be dramatic—blowing things out of proportion and sensationalizing the least little thing. Mistress Energy can make Artist more suspicious, more dramatic and more prone to act out sexually. We can also note here that addiction also lives in the second chakra, so it is no coincidence that many Artists have a relationship with addictive behaviors. Artist has to want to modify its behavior in order to change. Many do not want to change because they feel their drama, sexuality, and addictive behaviors fuel their creativity.

Betrayed Artist (see also Betrayed Alchemist): is an archetype that can use betrayal to fuel its creative fire. It needs to ensure that the “products” it puts into public view don’t make it look worse than the betrayer. “Rumors” to the tabloids, or local grapevine, may feel good at the time, but remember “what goes around comes around.” If you put your business into the streets, you need to be prepared for the pot-holes you create. Artist is about “statement”; make sure your statement doesn’t betray you as well.

Avenger (Avenging Angel, Savior, Messiah): Avenger under the spell of Mistress Energy could be its own worst enemy. It would appear to be very much like Bully and may pick fights with significant others thinking it has to be “right.” It doesn’t really matter what the subject is, Avenger usually has two-cents to add (similar to Judge) and feels it needs to fight for the right. When the fight is directed outside of an immediate relationship the result is usually better than when the fight is with Avenger’s partner. But, Avenger may feel it has to fight for another person, and that could lead to compromising emotional feelings, and a bond that pulls the Avenger toward the rescued. An affair may not result, but all of the ingredients will be there. Compassion is a large part of the Avenger archetype and the need to care for others can become confusing when they truly need that care in return. Lines can be crossed and morals muddled. Avenger needs to remember that it also has compassion and caring for its original (contractual) partner and that history deserves to be honored. A step back can clear up the confusion and provide a better perspective. Whether it is Bully Avenger or Lover Avenger coming to the forefront, it is important for Avenger to shake its head a few times and take some time to ensure that it realizes what it is doing. Passion for a cause is not the same thing as passion for a person, and Avenger has a hard time keeping the two separated.

Betrayed Avenger: may be so befuddled that it was duped that it needs some time to step back and realize what happened. Arrogance is a mainstay of this archetype, but can be its biggest downfall. It may feel it’s beyond what happens to others. “How dare he treat me that way when I …came to his rescue so many times; …did so much for him; …risked my own reputation to save his; …gave everything I was to make his life great.”

Beggar: This archetype can play into Mistress Energy in very big ways for this archetype is about succumbing to pride. In its empowered state Beggar may be too proud to ask for help (which may be detrimental and not power at all), which may help it escape from the lure of Mistress Energy. Mistress Energy can make us feel helpless and as if we are facing a “last chance” for happiness, or so inflated of ego that we feel entitled to our pleasures regardless of the legality, so we flail about and grab for whoever is willing to pull us from the mire. The fault to this plan is that once we come down from the panic we realize just how much deeper in trouble we are. Now we have the object of our desires and without the panic driving us into these arms we find ourselves in, we start to see our “prize” in a whole new light. All of a sudden we realize he/she is married, or abusive, or not at all compatible with us on a daily basis. Of course Beggar can make us feel determined to stay with him/her because Beggar may not feel strong enough to stand on its own. Beggar can make us feel as if we are helpless to provide for self, but the true contract of having this archetype is to help us grow into a person who can understand the balance of asking for, and giving, help. Some Beggars are trying to learn how to become more independent while others need to learn how to ask for help. But in relationships, we must learn to depend on our own strengths and to not look toward another to complete us. We must learn to be complete on our own. Perhaps this is your time to cut the cords to others and to learn to stand on your own. Perhaps you are learning how to express your own needs within a relationship. Either way, at some point we have to learn that others may not be able to give us what we truly need within. What our souls truly need is a relationship with God (and Self) first. Tell your Beggar it needs to relax and let go of its “need” for a while until you can come to a place of peace within. From this place you will be able to start to love self, and from that place of self-love you will be able to find the love that radiates from others. First you must feel and know that you deserve a love of your own who respects you for who you are and does not ask you to share him/her with others.

Betrayed Beggar: escalates needy feelings into hyper drive. All of a sudden it can’t care for itself in the least. If it has a means of support it will either sabotage it or squander it away, refusing to help others who may be depending upon it. Extreme pity or extreme pride seems to come into play when Beggar feels the sting of betrayal.

Black Widow (Femme Fatale, Gold-digger, Vixen): These archetypes truly know how to manipulate Mistress Energy to their advantage. They know this energy and how to navigate within it. They tend to enjoy the hunt and like to prey on weaker partners (no matter how powerful their victims may be in physical or material reality). In many scenarios these archetypes are vessels of great pain and as a result cannot let themselves freely love others. Love is attached to agenda and that agenda is usually about personal gain. Unfortunately with all of the agendas, which could also be called “games,” these archetypes may find it harder to know when the heart has actually been touched. Some tragic event may have happened in their youth to break their trust and ultimately turn them away from love. These archetypes seldom trust others and this lack of trust helps them use others more liberally than other people would or could. It’s as if they are daring others to give them a reason to mistrust or hate, and when one is approaching love with a chip on the shoulder one will usually find problems instead of resolutions. With these archetypes it is especially necessary to take small steps in gaining trust if Mistress Energy is going to be defeated. Mistrust is not an easy enemy to overcome; it takes time and effort along with a great desire to change. Remember that “like energies” attract and until these archetypes can start to change their internal energies they will no-doubt attract people to them that cannot be trusted, or people so trusting that they can only be seen as easy conquests. But, as the energy internal to an archetype evolves so does the energy that it attracts. The more one can open self to trust the more one can allow self to trust, and eventually partners will become people who can be trusted. Part of this trust is convincing self that there is such a thing as unconditional love. The other more crucial part is convincing self that he/she also deserves to be loved in an exclusive, honest relationship. We cannot deny the true nature of these archetypes though, whether they originated from pain or not. These archetypes are hunters and they choose their prey based on what they can get from them, usually monetary gain (or some kind of support). So after trust, self-reliance is in order. The archetype has to know that it can stand on its own and rely on its own resources for survival before it can start to look at potential partners as equals instead of as “marks.”

Betrayed Black Widow: is a retaliatory force of epic proportions—the things Lifetime movies are made of. “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned” comes to mind. In best-case scenarios the bodies it leaves in its wake will be figurative ones; in worst-case situations there may be literal bodies or other illegal activities of such severity that incarceration is the result.

Bully/Coward: Coward needs to avoid confrontation, but Bully needs to lash out (usually after Coward has been pushed to its limits). In the spell of Mistress Energy Bully/Coward can feel it is justified in treating another person cruelly in order to gain its objectives. Bully/Coward usually wants acceptance and validation that the relationship is reciprocated. Confusion from not knowing where it stands in a relationship is what will usually drive it to the brink of fighting. Open communication is this archetype’s best friend, but that might be the one thing it just can’t achieve. Expressing one’s feelings freely isn’t something Coward is normally comfortable with because that might result in hurting the partner’s feelings, or in discovery that the relationship is merely a figment of Coward’s imagination. If this is the case and the potential partner isn’t truly wishing to be monogamous, then what is lost by honest communication? The sharing of honest feelings may be the missing ingredient from past relationships, and let’s face it–honesty can add spice to relationships. Perhaps spice was what other relationships lacked, driving them into boring monotony. Bully/Coward cannot blame itself entirely for that monotony, but it did contribute. If self-reflection reveals that Bully/Coward was at the root of problems because it didn’t share honest feelings in former relationships, then the way ahead is to improve on that by opening up more in the future. Knowing where you stand is important, whether it’s at work or within a potential relationship—honesty and open communication is how you get there. Yelling and throwing tantrums to make feelings known, or to try to bend others to your desires, needs to be curtailed.

Betrayed Bully/Coward: is like a covered pot boiling on the stove; the steam tries to vent but the lid rattles and the steam is hot enough to burn anyone getting too close. When pushed beyond its limits this archetype is a force to be reckoned with, or it becomes so sullen (like an empty pot on a hot burner) getting any emotion from it is like catching vapor. Either way there’s a potential explosion of emotion, whether it’s visible or just below the surface. Anyone close enough will be the recipient of this rage, but the intended target may never know how hurt Bully/Coward truly is. Anger and hurt are different energies; hurt being much deeper and requiring time and effort to heal. Bully/Coward tends to carry its hurt within, fearing to expose it to others except in rude outbursts or sarcastic remarks.

Celibate (Priest, Monk, Nun): When under the spell of Mistress Energy many things can influence these archetypes. They could feel as if they, or potential partners, are tainted and opt to pursue the shadow side of the energy by becoming obsessed with affairs or cheating in some way. Focus is the mainstay of these archetypes. What the archetype chooses to focus on could result in obsessive behavior. If the archetype decides that Mistress Energy is the ruin of mankind a “preaching” approach may be adopted borrowing behaviors from the Judge, Prophet, and Martyr archetypes (to name but a few). When this is done the archetype/person may feel beyond the influence of Mistress behavior but that’s when the temptation will usually be delivered. These archetypes can also be very strong in rising above Mistress Energy because they tend to focus on the vows they took within relationships and work hard to keep them. That’s why Mistress Energy may come to them in the form of a partner who cheats, leaving the Celibate to show the partner unconditional love in the form of forgiveness. Of course there are eleven other archetypes within one’s natal ring and there may be others within one’s core that value loyalty more than fidelity and may not be able to forgive a promiscuous partner. It is important to know this prior to making contracts with potential partners because Celibate could cause a lot of internal conflict if those close to it are not as dedicated to the relationship. Celibate could also become so attached to an object of its affection that it adopts stalker tendencies, perhaps becoming a danger to its intended (or itself). This extreme behavior may be the result of being used (intimately) by another person thinking there was a contract in play and having that person (abruptly) cut off the partnership.

Betrayed Celibate: may result in stalker tendencies as already noted, but could also show up as a broadcaster. It may take its incredulous story to anyone who will listen, making its pain a campaign for attention and sympathy in hopes its erring partner will take notice and return. Either way, this archetype will focus on the betrayal and find it hard to concentrate on anything else. Until it can rise above the pain and accept its situation it will remain in a mind-loop of potentially (self-) destructive thought which may result in driving the partner further away instead of bringing him closer.

Clown (Fool, Court Jester): Clown is known for hiding its emotions from others and if experiencing Mistress Energy, may not be as forthcoming with honest interpretations of what is happening. In other words it could be lying to itself and others about how tempted or involved it really is. Fool is usually close to those in power, so the shadow attraction to Mistress Energy may be in having affairs with those in power or turning a blind eye if leadership is less than discrete with sexual adventures. These archetypes could also be fooling self about how well they are covering tracks in thinking about or pursuing “other” relationships. Humor could be a tool in trying to keep things together with suspect spouses or in luring potential players. Humor could also be an ally in the fight against Mistress Energy—if the lure is looked upon as a joke instead of a controlling force it loses some of its power. And, with Clown being as “closed” as it is, it might also belong to a person that others confide in readily and share secrets with. Knowing the temptations others succumb to might push Clown to the point of temptation to join the crowd and jump into the pool of Mistress Energy. Clown can also sulk and hold in emotions from past hurts, which may make it more susceptible to Mistress Energy as a tool of revenge or “first strike.” Clown must remember that such attacks end up hurting Self more than others. It is important for Clown to learn how to express itself and make its needs known. Clown is infamous for not showing its feelings, but it also has a problem with sharing anything personal. Clown would be the last archetype to let others know it has to go in for surgery, or that it might have a physical or emotional problem of some kind. Clown is friendly on the outside, but stoic on the inside. It is hard to penetrate through the veneer of a true natal Clown. Every once in a while a Clown will have a trusted friend that can break through, but that is rare because Clowns tend to be there for others and are the last to speak up for self unless encouraged to. It is not as if Clown doesn’t trust it’s more as if it doesn’t want to be a burden to others by sharing its problems. Hopefully by adulthood Clown can find trustworthy friends to confide in or his/her partner will be that needed confidant. Since you are reading this book, relationships are probably your challenge, which means that Clown hasn’t broken through that inner barrier of control that keeps it from sharing its own intimate or personal information with others. If others seem to bring all of their issues to you and you have no one to talk to when you need to, it may be because of you more than because of them. You may have allowed a pattern to develop and they just naturally assume you don’t have anything to share. Most people care more about their problems than yours anyway. If you are Clown with Counselor, Healer, Companion, etc., in your natal wheel you will have even more difficulty making yourself more open to others. If you are Clown pairing up with Victim you may feel that you give all and receive nothing, which may leave you bitter. If you are going to help your own relationship with relationships heal, you will have to force yourself to open up to potential partners. Fight your tendency to go happily along and shrug off things; fight for your right to be heard. Fight for your right to be number one in your significant other’s life.

Betrayed Clown: will most likely withdraw and hide in a place it feels safe. Memories of happier times may plague its thoughts serving to beat it down and make it feel more miserable (and perhaps undeserving of future happiness). It will probably remain stoic, counting on the Universe to retaliate. Fool may be a bit more vocal, hoping its (powerful) contacts will help in some way, but it will find it hard to ask. Clown or Fool will internalize betrayal which can make it that much harder to overcome. Most will not react by succumbing to Mistress Energy and going on a rampage to destroy other couples (etc.), but it may feel justified to do so.

Companion (Sidekick, Right Arm, Consort): Many people confuse this archetype with marital companionship and feel if they are married (especially if for a long period of time) that Companion is a natal archetype of theirs. This is not the reason to select this archetype though, for this type of companion is more like an executive assistant than like a marital partner. But, Companion might get confused with the division between what it does for the boss in the line of work and in the interest of personal gain. Companion may be so concerned for the boss’s needs that it confuses professional duties with its own heartfelt feelings. Loyalty and devotion can become confused with admiration and eventually lead one to lust. If lust is allowed to mature it can lead one into an affair, or at least the fantasy of one (it still takes two to tango). Companion can be susceptible to Mistress Energy because it can confuse work with pleasure, or duty with personal boundaries. Companion can also resist Mistress Energy when it is fiercely loyal to a vow it has taken to be true to a life partner. Companion can keep a marriage alive by turning its work intensity toward the marriage and contributing the “attention to detail” every relationship needs to survive. On the downside, Companion can appear too intense within a (perceived) relationship and drive a (less devoted or exhausted) partner away.

Betrayed Companion: is not someone to take lightly, for it knows where the skeletons are, and since loyalty is no longer a part of the relationship, it won’t mind digging up a few (for public consumption or the lawyers). It can be as great of an adversary as it was a teammate. Regardless, it will not avoid chances to express its feelings or shirk away from opportunities to get retribution.

Detective: This archetype can become overactive when exposed to Mistress Energy. It is already prone to snooping and having a suspicious mind, so if it starts to suspect a partner of cheating it will usually go to all lengths to prove it. If Detective is curious about another person and wants to explore the options of having an affair it may seek out ways to do so without alarming partners that may exist. Detectives may think that they are above being detected by others because they know tricks to use, but the game of cat and mouse is very much like chess—if you can see an opponent’s plan and counter it, chances are the opponent can just as clearly see your plan. Detective might use its powers of detection to help friends turn away from the temptation of Mistress Energy before it tempts them past the point of no return. Some Detectives detect because they feel insecure. If this is the case, these people are in a precarious situation because Mistress Energy can leave one feeling inadequate. Detective feeling insecure and inadequate would be very susceptible to corruption (if only to its own morals).

Betrayed Detective: wouldn’t be above planting evidence of an affair either to entrap a partner or expose an indiscretion (that lacked confirmation). This may be done to hurt a philanderer or discredit the new object of affection. Detective will be over alert to the nuances of behavior exhibited by all involved, ready to leap on the slightest hint of infidelity. Betrayed Detective will also collect incriminating evidence to discredit offenders and more-than-likely use it to publically expose asocial behaviors.

Disciple (Student, Seeker, Follower, Apprentice): Disciple can come under the allure of Mistress Energy in the form of a spell. Many mentors unknowingly cast spells on those that follow them merely through being successful at what they do in life. Disciples are not unlike “groupies” who need to bask in the light of those they admire but the attraction is usually in the alignment of philosophical beliefs or intellectual pursuits. When it is taken to an extreme and a Disciple feels entitled to receive from a mentor, Vampire has been activated. Mistress Energy in this situation is very much like Vampire energy except instead of feeling entitled to take from the mentor; Disciple may feel it doesn’t deserve the attentions of the mentor. This puts disciple in the position of working harder to try and earn the attentions of the mentor but it will probably not feel deserving regardless of how hard the mentor tries to penetrate the invisible wall this puts between the two. If you are in a situation where you have a mentor and you feel inadequate to be in his/her presence, then consider the ramifications of Mistress Energy and try to break that spell. Remember that “like energies attract” and there are no coincidences, so if you are studying with this teacher then there are reasons for you to be there. Believe that you give to the mentor as much as you take. Believe that you are in the process of learning now, but that someday you will be the mentor. You have a lot to give others but first you have to feel worthy to give. Mistress Energy would have you believe that you are not worthy—you will have to fight the impulse to keep your light hidden. You may also have to fight the impulse to take the relationship with your mentor beyond professional limitations. In psychology this might be called transference; patients often let gratitude and admiration toward physicians trick them into thinking they are in love. Disciples must beware of this phenomenon and keep Mistress from tricking them.

Betrayed Disciple: risks losing a layer of its belief foundation. If it has attached itself heart and soul to its mentor, and this is the person who betrays it, it will seemingly crumble. It will at minimum need time to redefine its belief system. Some may scream in outrage, but underlying all will be hurt and an urgent need to find another mentor. This desperation leaves it extremely vulnerable to sharks and charlatans.

Don Juan (Gigolo, Playboy): Playboys are different than Playgirls in this context because we are merely speaking about the attractive or sexual qualities of a man playing the field. Bad boys have an alluring attraction for some females and while some men love “Bunnies” most of them wouldn’t consider marriage to one. This is the dichotomy that causes so much inequity between the sexes. Women are expected to do everything possible, including surgical alteration, to become more attractive to men, but other than service as “arm candy” they are not usually taken very seriously. Playboys however may not have to do much at all besides be themselves (along with getting a good tan and working out or developing great bodies in some way) to attract women. And while women may prefer to have men with money and power, they will “settle” for sexy looking men in the interim. They may even marry a sexy poor man if they (the women) have a lucrative career. This would be Mistress Energy in full strength—the lure of the Don Juan attracting a partner that can afford to provide for him. Many beautiful people exist in life to decorate the surroundings of others—there is nothing wrong with this as long as both parties receive what they need from the relationship. To be complete we must also consider the occupation of the male prostitute. There are many men who earn their livings selling sex; if this is the case consulting the Prostitute write-up may provide more hints into how Mistress Energy affects you. If selling sex is fulfilling an inner need then perhaps there is more at play than Mistress Energy alone. But if selling sex feels more like selling self and a hopeless dead end, then Mistress Energy is likely to be involved. In this case Mistress Energy may have depleted self-esteem to the point of making one feel there are no other options in life. There are always other options; they may not provide as immediate of an income, but they are usually much safer for one’s health and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling unhappy about your choices it may be your inner being telling you it is time to make some changes and pull yourself away from Mistress Energy. One can also employ archetypal energy for short durations of time. Gigolo may be an archetype used in this way for short-term gain, especially if an opportunity for advancement is at stake. Mistress Energy may take over Gigolo and convince it that seducing one’s way up the ladder is better than being left standing. The top of that ladder is terribly wobbly; Gigolo may wish it had stayed put. Don Juan will more than likely always enjoy its allure to the opposite sex (especially if it is a natal archetype). Maturity helps Don Juan appreciate monogamous relationships, but his need for being charming and attractive to others is his Achilles heel where Mistress Energy is concerned.

Betrayed Don Juan: is a survivor and may use its situation to gain pity from potential benefactors. It may have derogative information about previous liaisons, but discretion is primary to its ultimate survival. However, if the betrayal involves punitive consequences, Don Juan’s loyalty will be to self. Vindictiveness is not beyond this archetype, but it will likely be done from the safe shadow of another’s (most probably a new lover’s) power.

Exotic Dancer (Stripper, Playgirl Bunny, Chippendale Dancer, Supermodel): While some people do exotic dancing only as a desperate last resort, others are attracted to the thrill of the performance. Archetypally, Exotic Dancer belongs to a person who loves to be on exhibit. This archetype is proud of its body (or perhaps intellect, etc.) and its talent to display it to others in a way that intoxicates and sexually arouses. In many cases Exotic Dancers are protected from physical contact with “clients” and only provide visual stimulation. The archetype would display the need to be noticed, more so than the typical God/Goddess, and specifically in erotic venues. Looking and feeling sexy is a cornerstone of this archetype and it may invest a lot of money into physical augmentation that will help ensure it gets noticed. Mistress Energy may be a tool this archetype uses to its advantage; by providing the illusion of being available and attainable this archetype can ensure it receives monetary compensation from those under the spell of Mistress Energy. As long as this archetype can rule and keep emotions at bay it can continue to employ Mistress Energy to its advantage to get the perks out of life that it wants. Once this game becomes old the person may wish to have more out of life than exhibition alone can provide, but in order to have the intimate relationship it truly wants it may have to give up some of the Exhibitionist tendencies. Some seem to be able to have a personal and public life, at least on the surface. Playgirl bunnies and Chippendale dancers are varieties of this archetype because exhibition is their primary distinction, but many of them claim to have loving and satisfying marriages. Those who have been able to find partners have been able to master Mistress Energy to their advantage and find partners that understand or perhaps share their exhibition needs.

Betrayed Exotic Dancer: will strike where it hurts—at the betrayer’s sexuality or ability to sexually satisfy. It may also criticize personal taste or appearance in order to make itself feel better and bring attention back in its direction. This archetype craves attention, and like a hurt child, it will go to great lengths to ensure it gets attention—positive or negative. At the root of its outbursts is incredulity; it simply can’t believe it has been replaced by an obviously inferior person.

Gambler: Gambler has to take risks, whether it’s with money or sexual exploits, life is just too boring without something uncertain to stir it up a bit. When Mistress Energy strikes it may encourage Gambler to take extraordinary risks or feel immune to the rules by which the rest of society lives. Mistress Energy may whisper in Gambler’s ear that having an affair may be risky but the thrill is worth it, and besides no one will ever find out. Gambler may also feel it is just fine to have unprotected sex with multiple partners because it is more satisfying. The odds of catching AIDS may not be that high anyway (it lies to itself). Gambler naturally tells itself such things, but with Mistress Energy in tow it is even more susceptible to taking risks. Mistress Energy may also be telling Gambler that it doesn’t deserve to have the things in life that it has attained, like a loving and devoted partner. Under this kind of spell Gambler may hold hands with Saboteur and openly make sexual advances to inappropriate people in order to drive a partner away. Gambler may also choose to wreck a relationship (or business) by investing too much money into risky undertakings. Mistress Energy would be encouraging that because it would convince Gambler that it is entitled to do whatever it wants to do with its money and that the partner is in the way, when in effect Gambler might be losing the bet and the partnership. If Gambler has been on a losing streak Mistress Energy will drag it down further, perhaps to the point that Gambler must risk everything, even its freedom (if prison is a consequence).

Betrayed Gambler: will weigh its odds in attaining revenge and will conceive a plan to strike back, even if it has to wait to get its revenge. “Revenge is a dish best served cold” may describe this archetype when it has been wronged. Whatever the price it may have to pay, Gambler will more-than-likely risk all to “win.”

God/Goddess: God/Goddess has a great need to be worshiped, and when Mistress Energy casts its spell it can make God/Goddess feel as if it has to do something to earn that worship, or that it doesn’t deserve worship (which is against its belief). Mistress Energy may make God/Goddess feel inferior when it usually feels superior to others. If the God/Goddess is in a relationship that suppresses it, it will act out to get the attention it innately needs for survival. Mistress Energy will seduce God/Goddess into believing it is justified to look outside of a relationship to get what it needs. It will also turn a single God/Goddess toward seeking an affair if the object of its desire (for attention) is married. This will be fine (but not for the couple it destroys) as long as the God/Goddess gets what it needs from the relationship. If the object of desire does not (continue to) reciprocate attention a “Fatal Attraction” situation may result. The need for attention will supersede all rational thought leaving God/Goddess at the mercy of evil and possibly lethal speculations. God/Goddess is not above demanding the attention it craves; if teaming up with Child, extreme scenes may be forthcoming as God/Goddess feels ignored or denied. Mistress Energy tends to make the God/Goddess feel imbalanced, which is not its normal self-appreciating state. If God/Goddess suspects its partner is cheating it will plot a dramatic form of revenge (possibly something public, but only if it can come out looking good). If God/Goddess is the one getting attention outside of a partnership, it will lie until the cows come home and then lie some more (before it blames its partner for being neglectful) because it feels completely justified to seek attention when feeling ignored.

Betrayed God/Goddess: will initially be crushed and will probably look to superficial fixes to bring its partner back in line. When starvation and plastic surgery don’t work, it may look within but won’t see what a partner couldn’t love. A campaign may be launched to make the third party look bad, but only if it gets God/Goddess the praises it needs to continue surviving. Betrayed God/Goddess is the most susceptible archetype (except for Damsel) for attaching itself to the next complimentary person that comes along. It lives to bask in the worship and favorable acceptance of others. It will wither in the gloom and denial of betrayal.

Gossip (Networker, Messenger, Courier): Similar to Detective. This archetype has the need to know, and usually has information others can use. Mistress Energy can put Gossip into a position of blackmailing others into relationships, or into maintaining contact when the other party is no longer interested. If partnered with Midas/Miser, Gossip may blackmail others with the knowledge it has to meet financial goals. This is a dark and dangerous aspect of Mistress Energy that could get Gossip into more trouble than it ever anticipated. Gossip may feel guilty about its behavior and that guilt may be what it needs to break the bonds of Mistress Energy. Networker may feel it is not being respected by the right groups to elevate its own status. These feelings of inadequacy could drive the archetype into an unhealthy relationship simply because it needs to feel like it’s in the center of the action. Mistress Energy could also make Gossip become desperate to get into any relationship for fear of being left behind (or kept from the action it perceives others to be having). A relationship entered into out of desperation usually never ends well. One thing that Gossip could not endure is gossip centered upon its own activities. Gossip loves to be in the know, but never at the center of the “know.”

Betrayed Gossip: is an avalanche of retribution ready to come crashing down. It may seem innocent or a mere disturbance prior to being betrayed, but it knows how to get and disperse information that might not otherwise see the light of day. Gossip already has communication pipelines and will have no qualms about putting slightly tainted or exaggerated information out, especially if it can sway popular opinion to rally to its side of the dispute. Gossips also attract gossips so the infidelity will be public knowledge in no-time and may encourage loyal friends to boycott or otherwise dissociate from the betrayer and those associated on that side.

Guide (Guru, Sage, Crone, Mentor, Preacher, Teacher, Shaman, Mystic): An example using Mentor has already been discussed (see Disciple). In any relationship between someone in need and someone who can provide what is needed, “transference” can occur. Interest in the work at hand is misunderstood to be attraction and a crush can develop. This remains innocent until Mistress Energy takes over one or both of the people involved. Caring and compassion predisposes these archetypes to be sensitive to the needs of others. Adding in Mistress Energy confuses the boundaries and blurs reasoning. Some teachers abuse power, others slip up when students are insistent on becoming too close. Loss of judgment is human, and if relationships aren’t kept at a professional level, this group (along with caregivers) is susceptible to the lure of the Mistress. Others under the spell of Mistress Energy may target this group of archetypes as easy prey to take advantage of. Care to remain at a level of observation is the key to keeping the Mistress at bay for this group. But what if the partner of the Teacher is involved in Mistress Energy? Teacher may be hesitant to see this development because it is taught to lead the learning process (while being a student as well), and it may let its pride get in the way and blind it to behaviors right in front of its face. The teacher (especially Mystic) must learn to balance its work and play so it gets breaks from its work and has time to spend with family. When the Mystic lets work become its life (Mystic is a lifestyle more-so than the other archetypes in this group) it may lose family (if it ever contracted for one).

Betrayed Guide: may try to use reason to work its way out of the situation, but Mistress Energy befuddles reason. A higher road may be sought, or an understanding that there are no coincidences, or that there is a reason for what is happening. This group may be more likely to seek understanding in other energies, but if Mistress Energy has attacked its very livelihood, Betrayed Guide may have to resort to more human pursuits. Betrayal for members of this group may come in the form of lawsuits.

These group members may be more able to step back and take an observer’s perspective of the situation and hire other experts to help it on to favorable resolution. It may not fight for a lost relationship, but it will fight for its right to continue with its own life and career.

Healer (Counselor, Caregiver, Doctor, Nurse, Therapist): Refer to the Guide. Compassion certainly rules this archetype and lines can be crossed when Mistress Energy enters the scene. The caregiver can become attached to the patient, or plot to harm the patient for financial gain (but this would be in concert with Villain). Healers see us at our most vulnerable, and often over long durations, it is only natural to become attached to them, and them to us, despite efforts to remain distant. Healers/Doctors also work long hours at great sacrifice to personal life, which weakens relationships. A weakened relationship is a prime target for Mistress Energy. Patients revere the Healer; the Healer feels unappreciated at home; temptation has a toe in the door. The best defense for healers is to have secure relationships at home and to treat patients as a job. The same goes with co-workers and with the (un)welcome advances from patients (or anyone). Healers must also learn to lasso in their egos. It is only natural for ill people to turn all power over to a healer; there is nothing wrong with this as long as the Healer doesn’t take it to heart and get a god-complex. This would be especially dicey if the Healer also had a natal God/Goddess archetype; the need for worship may trump the desire to remain at a level of distant observation. Either way, if the Healer comes close to succumbing to a god-complex Mistress Energy has 90% of her work done and inappropriate behaviors will be the result.

Betrayed Healer: may simply want to put the bad energy behind it and return to work (its safe haven). It may not relish paying out large sums to philandering partners, but it knows it can replace the loss in time. Some may have prepared for this event with stringent prenuptial agreements. If the betrayal is aimed at the profession, it may be harder to resolve or recover from, but insurance is usually a fallback. If the betrayal leaves the Healer without a career, it may be devastated to the point of self-harm. Healer will be far more able to take criticism about its performance than to have its ability to perform relinquished.

Wounded Healer: Many people are in health professions because of earlier illness or trauma that predisposed them to become interested in healing. It isn’t unusual to hear of a rape counselor having been raped, or of a medical specialist having a loved one suffer from the same illness. Some healers remain in their wounds and relate to patients through their wounds, which gives them common ground on which to start the patient’s healing process. Meeting through wound just adds to the temptation to develop unprofessional relationships—the wounds bond Healer to patient in ways outsiders may not understand or be able to empathize. Mistress Energy deludes participants into thinking their affairs can remain off the radar. That no one, including loved ones, will ever find out. Mistress Energy lies because all it cares about is the short-term goal of answering the call of lust (or whatever it feels it needs). Patients attach themselves to the healer because they want to be healed, and they may not have other outlets for compassion or hope. Healers spend long hours with their only social contact being patients or other healers. They may subconsciously feel their options for interaction are so limited that they delude themselves into thinking a hospital romance will work. The M.D. is also a lure for predators seeking financial stability in a relationship, so the Wounded Healer may become a prime target of these sharks (over and over again). Or, if the Wounded Healer also has a god-complex it may feel immune to the ramifications or consequences of its actions, to include having affairs with patients.

Betrayed Wounded Healer: may re-experience the energies that initially traumatized it (into becoming Wounded Healer). Sinking into this dark place may leave it unable to provide healing services to its patients. Its career may be threatened if it can’t remove itself from wound. It may seek out self-destructive habits (drunkenness, adultery, gambling, etc.) to glimpse momentary happiness, but addictive behavior will only drag it further down. It will have to pull together all of its energy to fight its way back to normalcy before it can start to consider what to do about the initial betrayal.

Hedonist (Lover): The love of beautiful things drives Hedonist, and people can be part of that collection. If Hedonist feels the affections of another person will add value to it, it will pursue that person. If Mistress Energy is involved Hedonist won’t stop to think of how inappropriate the new relationship may be. Hedonist is a collector, and that will drive Hedonist to take risks even without Mistress Energy influence. Hedonist must learn that adornments (especially people) don’t make the person; integrity of character goes a lot further to promote a person than mere things (or trophy dates). Some collectors can take acquisition to the point of obsession or irresponsible risk. Mistress Energy encourages this extreme behavior and unless Hedonist learns to detach from its desire to be surrounded by things it loves (or the need to acquire them) it may find itself in financial, moral or legal trouble. Hedonist needs to learn that true beauty lies within and that nothing outside of Self is needed to be happy and fulfilled.

Betrayed Hedonist: may become incensed with jealousy or rage. It considers what it has acquired to be exclusive, personal property (unless some prior understanding was arranged with its approval). It will fight for what rightfully owns, whether that is a thing or a person. If it desires to keep a possession it will make it hard, if not impossible, for the possession to break free or be taken. It will employ any type of legal (or possibly illegal) maneuver to maintain the status quo. It considers it a personal attack if a possession is stolen, abused or missing. It may retaliate by violating the betrayer’s property or otherwise causing the betrayer(s) loss. Even if more docile archetypes are on-hand to help soothe Betrayed Hedonist, it will not accept loss without some kind of action, even if all it can do is file a police report or insurance claim.

Hermit: If this is a natal archetype it means the owner has a need for solitude. Some people are attracted to strong, silent types and if Mistress Energy is thrown into the mix it may mean Hermit is going to come out of its shell, at least for a short time. If anyone is doing the compromising here, it probably won’t be the Hermit—it will more than likely have to be coaxed into the situation. However, there are Hermits that have families and exhibit “out of sight, out of mind” behaviors within the family unit. This type of Hermit will probably not hesitate to participate in Mistress Energy games, as long as they didn’t interfere with Hermit activities. It would depend upon what motivates the Hermit as to whether it would refrain from, or participate in, Mistress Energy entanglements. Once its mind is set, Hermit usually follows through with its plan regardless of the consequences. To avoid Mistress Energy Hermit would be wise to follow its own example and simply avoid contact. Hermit may be coaxed by flattery or the seeming compassion of a pseudo-Hermit promising relationship without attachment. Whatever is promised under the influence of Mistress Energy is not usually beneficial for Hermit’s long-term wellbeing.

Betrayed Hermit: may simply go back into its cave and forget the rest of the world exists. Hermit doesn’t readily become attached to others so it may feel reacting to betrayal is not worth pursuing because what-/whoever was lost can be replaced. If it does pursue action it will do it with the same focus of Celibate, devoting all of its attention to the outcome it seeks.

Judge (Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator, Examiner, Critic, Advocate, Defender, Legislator, Lobbyist): Judge is quick to condemn others and slow to see its own weaknesses. A professional Judge will weigh the testimony at hand and apply it to the law; an archetypal Judge is more apt to shoot from the hip. Its opinion is the only one that matters. Judge enjoys control and power. Judge may be quick to judge others, but when facing the same situations Judge may not be so quick to point the finger back at self. Judge may think it is above judgment (e.g. the law). It may delude itself into thinking it would never get caught, or that any behavior it exhibited would naturally be beyond suspicion. The arrogance of this archetype is probably its biggest problem when under the influence of Mistress Energy. If it were to be caught in the act of infidelity, Judge would find some way to blame others for its actions. Judge looks for loopholes not self-recrimination. Judge needs to learn that “what goes around, comes around” when its quick condemnation earns it that in return. Alienation from others is the price Judge pays for its quick temper and aloofness when under the influence of Mistress Energy.

Betrayed Judge: is not going to claim responsibility for any part of the situation. It will need to remain in control of whatever results occur, and anyone participating with the “other side” will be ostracized from further contact. It will not be above pulling in favors to gain the upper hand. It will not be above intimidating (weaker) people to bend to its will. If it has to rule with fear to maintain status quo, it will. It will use anything available to prove itself “right” in the situation. It needs to keep its sterling reputation in tact—it would rather lose the battle than lose the war.

King/Queen (Empress, Emperor, Ruler, Leader, Chief, Celebrity): Royals differ from others because they are entitled. They are accustomed to having others cater to their every wish. Eventually they quit asking and simply expect everything to be perfect. When things are not perfect, royal feathers fly and nothing in the Royal’s path is safe. Mistress Energy deludes the Royal into thinking that everyone wants an intimate relationship (or “something”) from it because it would be so fabulous. If the Royal chooses to act on this impulse it will assume that it is entitled to do so and others will behave accordingly. Contractual partners will just have to realize that affairs are part of the package because the Royal is never wrong. What Royals fail to realize is that everyone is accountable, and they can fall out of favor just as easily as they were boosted into favor. The “take what you want” attitude may work around some people, but it won’t work with all people. One way around Mistress Energy for a Royal is to remember that it serves the people who hold it in esteem, and sometimes that means denying (other) people intimate access. The Royal will come to realize that it is held in even greater esteem if it holds true to society’s moral compass.

Betrayed Royal: may face unfathomable pain if its benevolence and charity has been used against it. Its large, generous heart will be truly be broken especially if a best friend is part of the scenario. Expectant Royal may be equally as baffled that its kingdom has been invaded as it yells “off with her head!” For centuries Royals have endured intrigue and betrayal, losing riches, kingdoms and heads. For all of their entitlement, they are ready targets to be used as national pawns. Betrayed Royals may seek sanctuary but pride will be maintained. Royals can still expect/demand loyalty and seek kingdom restoration; historically some are reinstated to power. What Betrayed Royal needs to remember is that it is royal—special, one of a kind. It will land on its feet and it will maintain a devoted following even if it doesn’t keep its throne. It may be justified to take retaliatory actions, but Royals have learned that calling out the Armada to squish a bug only puts it under (more) scrutiny. Pleading its case, gathering support for its cause and accepting final judgment will gain more favorable public opinion than lowering itself to fight with the peasants.

Martyr: Very similar to Judge (group), but Martyr is about control more-so than other archetypes. Martyr’s objective is to turn people to its way of thinking (or doing things) and it will do that by any means at its disposal. Yes, some martyrs have noble intentions, but Martyr in this archetypal situation is about manipulation. In Mistress Energy the Martyr may be the one manipulating, or it may be the object of manipulation. In either scenario, Martyr is under the delusion that it is controlling the situation (instead of being controlled). Martyr isn’t beyond using an affair as an act of revenge to get others’ attention. Martyr will justify its actions as being for the good of others and a sacrifice of self. It will not readily admit that it does anything manipulative for itself; it’s always for the “good” of others. In the scenario of it having an affair for revenge it will claim utter distaste and complete detachment from the actions it had to pursue to get another’s attention. “Look what you made me do.” Mistress Energy will only add fuel to Martyr’s fire (of self-absolution and rebuke).

Betrayed Martyr: will feel whatever action taken was aimed directly at it. The partner may have credible reasons to stray, but Martyr will not accept betrayal as anything but a personal assault and will react accordingly. It will try to control the outcome and may unwittingly worsen its fate. If Martyr could learn to relax and let things work themselves out, without manipulation, it may find amenable results.

Mediator: Part of the Judge group, but slightly different in that it tries to see both sides of issues. This can leave it susceptible to Mistress Energy because Mistress forces us to take a side. If Mediator tries to stay up on its fence it will be knocked off and may not land on the side it would choose under other circumstances. Mediator may try to remain passive, but Mistress Energy requires action, and it will ensure actions are taken. If Mediator is caught in sinning it may be able to talk its way back into good graces through recognizing the pain of its wronged partner, but it will have to be sincere in its efforts to mend fences and avoid future errant behavior.

Betrayed Mediator: is tired of feeling like it thinks of everyone else first. It would love to be able to do something for itself without thinking about others’ feelings. It wants to rant and rave and scream and tell someone to get lost. Whatever course of action it decides on, it will finally make its feelings known. Others will be tempted not to believe the normally easy-going Mediator, but Betrayed Mediator won’t be as concerned about civility. It wants to get back to its normal, in-between state. If the cost of that is some time standing up for itself, it will gladly pay the price.

Metamorph (Chameleon): This archetype swerves in and out of Mistress Energy like a native. Its nature is to fit in, please others, and not make waves. The difference is that it does not have an agenda to use other people for its own gain (unless being incorporated with Spy energy). As long as Metamorph can maintain its own moral core it will likely not get involved with people employing Mistress Energy. The biggest challenge to Metamorph will be its need to please; it may participate in Mistress activities as a way to fit in or maintain peace. It is unlikely that it will instigate a Mistress Energy situation, but it may willingly follow another’s lead. To break the spell Metamorph will have to learn what it wants and how to say “No” to outside influences. For the sake of argument let’s say Metamorph does lust after having an affair, it will probably be the timid lizard and shy away unless interest is reciprocated. When the walls start tumbling down, crushing the affair, Metamorph will be left hurt to the core for having failed to please everyone concerned. It will feel the pain of all participants (similar to an Empath).

Betrayed Metamorph: needs to learn not to let others use it as a doormat (see also Mediator). It must realize that it needs to set boundaries, for others and itself. It may initially want to hide under a rock and try to avoid the whole situation, but if it doesn’t find its voice no one else is going to yell its despair or sing its praises. Being what everyone else wants may come naturally and be easier, but it’s not going to resolve the situation. It needs to realize that its feelings count and it deserves to have healthy relationships just like mainstream couples. It’s okay to express feelings, have opinion, and to say “No.”

Midas/Miser: Greed is the behavior that attaches Midas/Miser to Mistress Energy. If Midas/Miser feels it can get a tangible benefit from a relationship it will usually participate. Midas/Miser would like nothing better than to get a free ride, or to benefit from another’s greater abundance. Midas/Miser is not beyond sharing its charms to gain affluence because gain drives its desires (similar to Prostitute, Gigolo/Gold-digger, and somewhat Vampire energy). Midas/Miser feels like it is using the situation to its advantage, but it can be trapped just as easily as any other archetype. The greedy Midas/Miser may see something it wants and pulls out all of the stops to attain it. If what it wants is a person, many others, including the Midas/Miser, may be hurt. Midas/Miser is about ownership and possession, gain and loss, winning and losing. Midas/Miser may not always care about others’ feelings, including those of the person it wants to possess (if that is the case). If a harmed partner wants to take revenge on Midas/Miser, he/she will aim for its wallet. Prenuptial agreements (or the lack of them) may be the only thing keeping Midas/Miser honest in relationships (at times). Midas/Miser may also play dirty in Mistress Energy situations, resorting to blackmail, extortion, corporate theft, scams, bribes or any other controlling games that lets it think it’s getting its way. Midas/Miser naturally attracts abundance to itself (or loss depending on the individual). There are some who can detach from the power money has over most and not get concerned over making a living; that doesn’t mean that Mistress Energy can’t tempt them. This Midas/Miser will simply give the wronged party whatever it wants and opt to choose the mistress; this leaves the original partner feeling more hurt and discarded, as if the years it gave to the relationship meant nothing since the material gain it receives as a payoff seemingly means nothing to Midas/Miser. If this is the case, other archetypes are more immersed in Mistress Energy than Midas/Miser; there are those who attract great wealth without becoming attached to it in any way.

Betrayed Midas/Miser: will strike where it feels vulnerable, in the wallet. It will circle the wagons around all of its material belongings as if there is no hope of cavalry arriving in time.  It may pay-off the opposition, but only if it feels that is more beneficial than going to court or dragging out litigation. Betrayed or not, Midas/Miser is about the bottom line. Most will have a nest egg (or investment) hidden somewhere as a safety net; the object is to keep this from the betrayer at all costs. Once betrayed, Midas/Miser will be even more reluctant to openly share in future liaisons. It may limit itself to relationships where the partner clearly has as much, or more, to bring/lose. It may also resort to blackmail or other financial retribution to get revenge.

Mistress: As an archetype Mistress is anything from shy to predatory in character. Mistress is similar to Rebel in that relationships don’t have to adhere to average societal norms. Mistress takes “the grass is greener” to a whole new level because this archetype has no qualms about getting closer to what it wants (usually with an agenda to get what it wants). When coupled with Mistress Energy any inhibitions the Mistress archetype may have had go out the window. The energy carries it forward and Mistress (archetype) feels justified in its pursuits. On its own, Mistress archetype is basically a dreamer—more of a coward where archetypes are concerned, or commitment phobic at best. Under the influence of Mistress Energy, Mistress feels empowered to explore its desires. Unenhanced, Mistress is simply a concept, a philosophy that drives an internal debate over one’s feelings about virginity, sex, partnership, and relationships, etc. Mistress may feel unsure about relationships yet have no voice to express her desires. Mistress lets others make her decisions (unless she is influenced by Predator energy, then she will hunt, yet still feel helpless about outcomes). What most Mistresses will have is a blind spot, or callous, where others are concerned—they willingly participate in relationships without giving thought to other parties who may be hurt or injured. Mistress Energy intensifies this lack of concern and heightens Mistress’ (archetype) desire to replace the incumbent.

Betrayed Mistress: can’t believe it was dumped (again).  The confidence it normally exudes (which is mostly a smokescreen for its insecurity) has been shattered and it may feel backed against the wall. Like most predators it doesn’t like to lose and when cornered it will fight. Any judgment it may have had goes out the window and it will lie, cheat or steal to keep whatever ground it had gained, or to get out of the situation with minimal damage. Betrayed Mistress is about survival. If it can maintain an innocent reputation as it runs for cover, it will do what is available to do so. If it can wreck revenge on the other participants, it will do that without consideration of who it hurts (but it would prefer to escape harm).

Mother/Father (Matriarch, Mother Nature, Patriarch): Mother/Father energy is about the power of authority. While the archetype doesn’t always claim entitlement, like a Royal, it does feel the need to be obeyed. Nurturing and responsibility are also aspects. When influenced by Mistress Energy it may respond with parent/child relationship behavior, taking the lead to coax (molest, abuse, punish) what it wants from another. M/F can also be supportive and generous, which can be abused by a more calculating archetype (influenced by Mistress Energy). When sensing a problem, the M/F archetype may take authoritative steps to end the relationship, which may work or be thwarted by “teenager” energy (that naturally fights back). If the other person tries to end the relationship, M/F may try to assert authority to disable the retreat. Since M/F is an archetype used to running things and coming up with plausible “reasons” for situations, it may use that talent to cover its tracks and convince all concerned that everything is okay. Mother/Father can also be protective. It will strive to protect its family from harm or gossip, but it will also protect (or come the defense of) its mistress. If Mother/Father is a head of a corporation who is courting a subsidiary business, it will do its best to bring peace between the two but it won’t really care if the “children” are squabbling. Mother/Father does what it wants because it has the last word. Mistress Energy serves to bring dysfunction to the previously happy family.

Betrayed Mother/Father: reacts like the head of a dysfunctional family—yelling, drinking, swearing, abusing, abandoning, and otherwise acting out. It will behave anyway it can to get control of the situation and assert its authority. It wants to “win,” whatever that means to it at the time. It will sacrifice if necessary, with long term goals in mind. It will not give up authority, or the illusion of it, without a fight.


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