Mistress Energy/Betrayal N-Z

Olympian (Athlete): This archetype is about overcoming adversity; of pressing physical limits and doing its best to win. Mistress Energy can cloud Olympian’s judgment and lead it onto a destructive path. Competition, an emotional energy used by Olympian, is a 2nd Chakra energy. Sexual energy and competition are both managed by the 2nd Chakra, so it is easier for them to become entangled. When athletes reach celebrity levels, Mistress Energy can encourage them to behave as if they are beyond the restrictions of societal norms (beyond the law). Since competition is about strength and risk, Olympian may be driven to participate in events that wouldn’t attract mainstream interest. Think of it as a “007” mentality—big risk, big gain, personal gratification. Just remember that 007 is usually in trouble with his government. And, when 007 makes a big bang it isn’t done in a subtle way—everyone sees the structure blow up. At most 007 can hope to avoid the shrapnel. Of course 007 may feel the work is worth the risk because he always gets the girl, but only for a few frames in the film. Olympian may find itself just as lonely at the end of the day if it breaks the rules of the game and tries to change from one-on-one to a full court offensive. Olympian is employed when a handicap or adversity must be overcome to improve quality of life. Mistress Energy may taint perspective and make Olympian push beyond limits causing more damage than good. When partnered with other archetypes like Victim, Midas/Miser, King/Queen, etc., Olympian may take its cause beyond personal gain and create wakes of devastation. This might look like money raised to support relief efforts mysteriously disappearing; faking serious illness to scam money; parking in handicapped spaces when not being or escorting a handicapped person (but any archetype could behave in this way); using disability to get a job or as an excuse to (intentionally) not perform well at a job; refusing to seek medical or scientific help to ease physical conditions because Mistress Energy has convinced Olympian that it is beyond hope, help, or repair. Cheating, or otherwise impairing a competitor, in order to win.

Betrayed Olympian: will rally to the cause; it does not like to lose. It will do what it takes to be victorious; if that means cutting loose a cheating partner then it may consider it a price worth paying to win in the end. Olympian will focus on self, on training, on healing, on getting its mind and heart back in the game. Olympian is disciplined and strong (of will if not of body), similar to Warrior. It is used to the pain of sacrifice and the challenges of competition; it realizes it can’t always win but that it’s important how well it performs, regardless of the behavior of others on the field.

Philosopher: Our thoughts can get the best of us into trouble, but this archetype lives to analyze thought. Since rationalization is a part of thought it is easy to think self into dicey situations. Mistress Energy ensures trouble by helping to make Philosopher doubt its beliefs, or at best to test beliefs. Some philosophers feel experience is the best teacher, so they work to experience as much as possible. Mistress Energy will test the best philosopher by putting it into the middle of temptation. It may start as an experiment, but if one of the parties involved takes it seriously, trouble will quickly escalate. Philosopher will try to think its way out, but this is a time in life that will require decisive action (instead of meandering thought). Philosopher must be its own best friend and talk itself back onto a right course of action, or it may find itself talking to divorce (or criminal) lawyers. Philosopher employs imagination. When Mistress Energy infuses imagination with pride, invulnerability, entitlement, etc., Philosopher is tempted to push thoughts beyond morally acceptable boundaries and convince itself (and others) that there are no (or limited) consequences. Mistress Energy will then encourage Philosopher to act on its thoughts—that’s when its world starts to crumble.

Betrayed Philosopher: can’t believe it was duped. How could anyone have surpassed its logic and cunning? Perhaps they were inferior or simply didn’t understand the big picture. Perhaps there wasn’t always passion or physical intimacy, but there is so much more mental intimacy can provide; didn’t the partner understand? Now, Betrayed Philosopher has to rethink its options and come up with a new survival plan. It may have to give thought to forgiveness, but first it will explore what happened and try to make some sense out of the situation. It may try to talk itself back into good graces but it (usually) loves itself too much to humiliate itself or settle for less than the love it knows it deserves.

Pioneer (Explorer, Astronaut, Adventurer, Prospector): This is a group, but Pioneer is slightly different than the others. Of course all are adventure seekers, but Pioneer stays for the duration, it wants a more permanent relationship from the quest it starts. Pioneer may be into long-haul relationships, but it can still be stimulated by others on the same path, especially if the road gets rocky. Pioneers can be subject to disappointment; forging new territory can be lonely and full of set-backs. If Mistress Energy enters the mix and an outside person is brought into the picture, Pioneer may be side-tracked enough to lose sight of the big picture and seek solace in “forbidden” distractions. If it’s not careful, Pioneer will fall into a greater abyss of personal challenge; one it may not be able to climb out of (while keeping its world intact). If Pioneer attracted a like-energy mate, it may find itself in a hearty fight (for the relationship and the homestead). At best, Pioneer will seek out shortcuts to claim its desired goal, but that only ends in a bigger disaster. You may be able to dig a goldmine faster with dynamite but you increase the probability of a cave-in.

Betrayed Pioneer: is not readily vanquished. It will fight for what it holds dear. It’s used to long, hard struggles to get what it wants; it perseveres. It doesn’t let momentary setbacks distract it from the long-term goal. It will not easily let go of what it has already conquered. It will look for ways around adversity; it is a survivor.

Playgirl (Playboy): See Don Juan and Exotic Dancer. In this context we are discussing Playgirl/Playboy as sexual objects or as people held in high sexual esteem by voyeurs. These people would be used as fantasy objects for others to use for mental sex (or some sort of sexual stimulation/admiration). Under the spell of Mistress Energy Playgirl/Playboy may feel as if there are no other options than to undress for the money needed to survive (similar to Stripper). But Playgirl/Playboy may also love the power over others that public exposure (literally) provides. This archetype would find it easy to use others and try to obtain desired objects from people by using promises of closeness (similar to the Prostitute archetype). Some people love the sexual power they can have over others. Mistress Energy would encourage the misuse of this kind of power. To take the archetype beyond the photographs in magazines, anyone can feel sexually arrogant. In small doses that can be fun, but in large quantities it can make one partner feel more entitled to sexual fulfillment (to the point of becoming a Bully). A person can also become disillusioned with his/her sexual power and have a higher opinion of it than others have (like Lenny and Squiggy on the old Laverne and Shirley television show). Under this spell he/she would keep “putting it out there” and be willing to accept any attention that came back in return. This actually disempowers the person because translated another way it means he/she is willing to be with anyone who will be with him/her, rather than choosing someone with compatible qualities. Of course it has been said that women can sleep with any man they want while men will sleep with any woman who will let them. For the sake of argument let’s say Playgirl/Playboy can be more selective, but that still doesn’t protect it from thrill-seeking predators. The result can only be a disastrous attempt at a relationship (unless the Universe helps and like energies have met, but that’s more of a long-shot than winning the lottery!). Note: When Playboy was discussed in Don Juan it was encompassing the flirty behavioral aspects of the meaning of Playboy. In this description I am talking about the Playboy in magazines, purely physical/visual; a person that uses the body to get attention.

Betrayed Playgirl/Playboy: may feel devastated; similar to God/Goddess that isn’t adequately worshipped. Self-esteem is the bedrock of this archetype yet so many lack it. Relying on physical attributes is dangerous when so many things can happen to the body—age, weight, disfigurement, etc. Betrayed Playgirl/Playboy will do what it can to regain favor to include physical depravation or enhancement. It will assume that the fault lies with its physical inadequacies rather than any type of personal incompatibility. If it does lose the partner, it will do its best to torture the ex with what he/she can no longer have. It will preen and strut and make scenes to get attention and then prance off like it just won the lottery—just to show it is superior and beyond reach. This may also be done with a younger, prettier, or more powerful new partner.

Pornographer (Adult Entertainment Merchant): This archetype lives in Mistress Energy and liberally employs it to make a living. Anyone in this person’s life is there knowing that the relationship is tenuous at best, and in the least it will most-likely not be a monogamous partnership. The usury of other people is close to Vampire energy, but when like energies attract Pornographer doesn’t usually have to victimize others to encourage them to participate. If the darker side of Mistress Energy shows up there may be blackmail, slavery/bondage involved, or other unsavory practices, but only when “outsiders” (or innocents) have been lured into the pornographer’s world and try to escape. Some may approach Pornographer as a last resort, and some innocents may be lured by Pornographer, some may even be unknowingly victimized, but most participate because they want to. Rebels and Exhibitionists are particularly attracted to this energy.

Betrayed Pornographer: is more upset about business infidelity than adultery. Its perception of relationships isn’t mainstream monogamy, so it will assume there is always someone else on the horizon; business loss, however, will get its attention. It will not forgive and forget financial deception; it will do its best to recoup its losses and get revenge. It will not be above delivering severe physical penalties.

Prince/Knight (Hero, Rescuer): Rescuer is the slightly different one in this grouping. All of these archetypes love to come to the rescue of those in need, but Rescuer needs to rescue, and will continue to do it in a virtually limitless capacity. The other archetypes in this group rescue and then leave to focus on other quests. They will also fight for someone, but don’t have to have a personal interest in him/her. If love is involved the Knight, Prince and Hero are more likely to settle for unrequited relationships. Rescuer may get more deeply involved. Anyone can fall in love though, and Mistress Energy can prey on anyone, so if this happens in this group it may revolve around dangerous situations. It could also be designed to split the Hero’s concentration thereby making it weaker when it needs to perform. Hero can use its strength to lure people into compliance with Mistress Energy; if the person feels weak and needs help it is only natural to employ hero worship. Hero can abuse this worship and turn an appreciative situation into a complicated web of wound. Hero can avoid this by clinging to the ancient art of chivalry to remain beyond a rescued person’s crush, but even Lancelot’s pure heart failed that test. Hero is vulnerable when ego gets involved. If Hero hasn’t been feeling good about self for a while and an attentive person starts throwing compliments, Hero’s ego may take the stroking seriously and think the fan’s appreciation is “more.” Ego is Hero’s Achilles’ heel. Prince is the same but comes with slightly more demands put upon it. Prince is a King in waiting; it is entitled; it has a potential kingdom to offer that distressed damsel. Expectations are heightened when Prince comes to the rescue. Under the influence of Mistress Energy Damsel may feign misconduct in order to entrap Prince; or Prince may assert its power over the rescued and expect some form of “payment.”

Betrayed Prince: will do what it had to do to protect its kingdom, then it will consider what to do about personal matters. Hero may soothe its wounds by throwing itself into its work and hoping an opportunity will present itself to win over a new lover. Rescuer still needs the chaos and may offer to help the betrayer, but will have no trouble finding other Damsels to provide it with the stimulation it craves. This archetype may do better in betrayal situations (at least intimately) because it is held in admiration by other archetypes (who are naturally drawn to it).

Princess (Damsel): When Damsel energy is engaged with full force it, like the Vampire, is incapable of self-sustainment. Architects worldwide are focused on buildings that are energy-sustaining; the building must exist without costing the planet energy. That is a symbiotic relationship, where people get the support they need from the structure, and the planet doesn’t have to pay the cost for the building’s existence. Damsels do not have this same luxury because the Damsel isn’t about self-sustenance. That would channel too much of her energy into taking care of herself, and that is not her objective. Note that archetypes are not gender specific—males can employ Damsel energy just as easily as females. Damsels (or Damsel energy) work hard at getting other people to rescue them, even if what they want done is within their realm of accomplishment. It may start as a situation where help is genuinely needed. But, after years of playing the same game, two things start to happen: the Damsel starts to ask for help when it is not needed (or the chaos has been manufactured) just to see if it can make another person do its bidding. Or, the Damsel starts to believe it is helpless and an endless spiral of need and reliance starts to drag the person (and most likely the relationship) down with it. Damsels are very susceptible to entanglement with Mistress Energy. The Damsel is predisposed to a “need” agenda, and seeks out people to meet those needs. Damsels and Rescuers are ideal matches—one needs to need, the other needs to answer the call of need. But, Rescuers aren’t the only ones trolling the waters; Predators also prey on the needy because they appear weak. The Damsel throwing out a line is just as likely to hook a great big shark, and before long the Damsel is destroyed and the shark is picking its teeth while it waits for another victim. Before you completely condemn the Damsel, remember that we all employ Damsel energy at one time or another. When there is something that you can do, but you simply don’t want to do it so you get someone else to do it for you, you most likely used Damsel energy to get your way. Now for the caveat, there usually is one, huh? Children, the elderly, and people with special needs do not automatically fall into the category of Damsel energy, at least not when they are being themselves. There are times when people need to be cared for and it has nothing to do with the Damsel—mental or physical dependency doesn’t equate to Damsel employment. However, we can all cite examples when dependent people do use the Damsel. When your four-year-old can wash his own hands but whines until you do it for him, he has played the Damsel card. Closely related to Damsel energy, but not quite the same, are the Royals: King, Queen, Prince and Princess energies. The Royals are fully capable of doing things for themselves, but they expect others to do things for them. This kind of expectancy starts young. If you have a seven-year-old who consistently leaves the school backpack in the car, it probably isn’t because she’s forgetful; it may be because she thinks it’s beneath her to carry it in for herself, or she is used to having someone else carry it, so why should she? In the adult world this would equate to having people provide for you, or cater to your needs/wishes. Princess would employ Mistress Energy to get what she wants; Damsel will use it to keep people in her help circle. Princess is a Queen in the making so she will feel entitled. She also knows her worth and will be less susceptible to Mistress Energy as far as affairs go (she won’t want to share or dirty herself in vulgar behavior). Damsel will fall prey to Mistress Energy at the drop of a hat. Damsel’s only hope of escape is to cling to Rescuer (if it has one), or to work hard not to give into the natural tendency to have someone in its life at any cost. Princess will have to watch out for the temptation to put unsavory characters into her life just to get (parental) attention. Mistress Energy may convince Princess that it is above judgment or the need to answer to authority figures.

Betrayed Princess/Damsel: will fight to maintain its status quo. It may not be happy with the relationship either, but it may not know how to survive without it. It can’t be the last one out of the relationship; it has to be the first to leave because the only way it ever will is if it has another provider. Princess may have a potential kingdom but she does not want to manage it on her own. She will bargain and whine and try to wear the betrayer down, hoping it will relent and reconsider reconciliation. If it works she will start her search for a new, more deserving provider. Damsel will fight through its inability to care for self and demand unrealistic financial and physical support (from the partner, government, business) from any source available. Then it will troll its favorite haunts until it snags another big fish.

Prophet: Similar to Philosopher. Prophet tends to dwell on doom and gloom topics (that may have a religious focus). Prophets can fall off of their soapboxes as easily as anyone else can when matters of the heart are involved. Remember this doesn’t have to be a literal issue centered on sex to incorporate Mistress Energy; it can be anything close to the people involved. When we care deeply about something it becomes our weakness. Prophet cares about saving people from their own ignorance or darkness; that is how Mistress Energy can lure Prophet into corrupted liaisons. Prophet will focus on the issues it wants to preach and the people in attendance will be focusing on Prophet. Proximity when very personal issues are being discussed equates to temptation. Temptation can corrupt Prophet into making power plays, or into weakening morals.

Betrayed Prophet: may be cut to the core. It is so passionate and devoted it can’t easily accept that someone close to it could intentionally hurt it. It is susceptible to depression and a challenge of faith. It may develop a fatalist attitude and start to feel that there is no reason to hope because dreams get smashed and we are left with nothing but broken promises. It is more probable to keep its pain than to seek revenge or solace in another. Eventually it may find its way back to forgiveness but it may never forget how it once loved (believed, trusted, etc.) and was betrayed.

Puck (Trickster, Shape-shifter, Coyote): Puck is talented at telling you what you want to hear; or completely confusing you. In this way this archetype group is similar to Con-man, Villain, Salesman, etc. Puck is more about self-amusement but all in the group have personal agendas for their actions. This group will manipulate Mistress Energy for its own gain: Pimp comes to mind. Puck will try to convince you that there is no hope, that giving into the situation is the only way to get out of the mess you feel you are sinking in. Puck can be whimsical, fun and alluring, but Puck will not be there for you once you give into it (and are knee deep in alligators); Puck is a rover and instigator who will be on to the next exploit before you realize it is gone. Puck doesn’t mind leaving pain behind; in fact Puck revels in others’ pain. This is an archetype that would keep a list (or pictures) of its conquests, but not care for them beyond that.

Betrayed Puck: will not take matters lightly; it hates to lose. It may go as far as to lure the betrayer back just so it can inflict hurt (worse and publically if possible). Any good intentions it has will be for self-gain. It will not cave in to demands and it will not play nice during litigation. It will also do its best to win favor over to its side to get the best settlement possible.

Rebel (Avenger, Advocate, Nonconformist): See Judge, Avenging Angel. Rebel has been discussed throughout the book. Rebel may be an instigator of Mistress Energy because Rebel likes to get reactions. Blazing new trails is Rebel’s fondest pastime so if people are going to raise an eyebrow when Rebel is seen with a certain kind of partner, it makes that partner even more attractive to Rebel. Sometimes Rebel can’t tell if it’s the relationship or the controversy that it’s attracted to the most. Mistress Energy lures Rebel into situations because forbidden fruit seems so much juicier than the bounty at home. This would also be true for the contract no one else could get, or the car no one else could afford to drive. The untrodden path is what Rebel seeks and Mistress Energy serves to compel Rebel to its limits. The danger is that Rebel may get more scrutiny than it bargained for and end up in a situation it can’t gracefully get out of. Despite Rebel’s seemingly rubber heart, it does have feelings and a heart that can break. At the end of the day it wouldn’t be a surprise if Rebel ended up sulking with a box of tissues because its feelings were hurt.

Betrayed Rebel: will try to act as if it doesn’t care. If outside forces are trying to keep it from its desires, it may play along until it can escape and do as it wishes. If a lover it sacrificed (everything) for betrays it, it will still try to maintain its pride but it will more than likely hold a grudge toward the betrayer. The more it cared for the lost relationship the quicker it will seek out another one, possibly even more outrageous, just to send the message that the betrayer meant less than nothing to it.

Rescuer/Co-dependent: See also Prince and Addict. This Rescuer is an intense version of the more common variety of Rescuer mentioned in the Prince write-up; it’s Rescuer on an infusion of energy drinks topped off by mugs of espresso. It simply cannot exist without some urgent crisis occupying its thoughts. Then walks in Mistress Energy and grants it its dream come true—intrigue, fear of reprisal, multiple benefactors to serve, etc. It basks in the drama and enjoys the attention, hoping the intensity will last. It doesn’t view its actions as infidelity; it is helping to save another human being and that is sacred—that trumps vows or promises.  Co-dependent is a bit different as it has a need to be attached to another (a substance, a business/career, etc.). Either, or both, parties involved in a co-dependent relationship can be the one with attachment issues. However it is more usual to assume that the one disadvantaged or in need is the dependent member. Martyrs have a vested interest in keeping people dependent upon them; otherwise their sage advice would go unheard and unheeded. Co-dependents could be the poster-children for Mistress Energy—they need and they don’t really care how (or from whom) the need is met. That’s the weakness of the Co-dependent and what serves to escalate situations into potentially catastrophic events. Co-dependents are great at getting what they want out of others, but it does take (at least) two to make a co-dependent relationship. In some cases the co-dependency is being enhanced by an Enabler. Some Enablers are innocent of agenda and are simply trying to help (e.g. an adult child trying to care for an elderly parent but who is inadvertently encouraging the parent to quit doing things he/she can still do). Some Enablers create co-dependency to feed some inner need to nurture. Whatever appeal the Co-dependent has to another person that can provide what it needs (or wants), it will milk it for all its worth to prolong the attachment as long as possible. Co-dependent isn’t beneath threatening others with anything necessary (like suicide) to get (or keep) what it feels is the optimum arrangement for itself. Once Co-dependent finds something (someone) else it wants it leaves whatever/whoever is in its wake to sink or swim. Mistress Energy is the force behind the lure that drives Co-dependent in most of its decisions, good or bad.

Betrayed Rescuer/Co-dependent: is as stable as Jell-O. It can’t fathom why it is in disfavor and it has no idea how to provide for itself. It is a nervous-breakdown (or anxiety attack) ready to happen. It assumes the providers it has had have enjoyed caring for it; it can’t imagine that it may be part of the problem with its needs and demands (and probably lack of appreciation). It may sincerely care for its provider, but it may not be able to see that it uses that person to keep from self-growth (to stay sober; to keep employment; to become self-sustaining; etc.). It is needy and reluctant to seek help elsewhere, for it has a mental, emotional and physical attachment to the betrayer that surpasses typical relationships. If it is the Rescuer (Enabler) that has been betrayed see Prince. This type of Rescuer will find it hard to relax without someone to care for, but will also be so deeply hurt that its charge cared so little about all of its sacrifices that it needs some time to process the rejection. Once it meets a person that seems to appreciate it, it will be on its way toward recovery (but may still have trouble forgiving and forgetting). Betrayed Rescuer may become obsessed about the betrayer and stalk him/her, or sabotage him/her in some way in hopes of reestablishing the relationship.

Scribe (Reporter, Librarian, Clerk): Scribe thrives on things being done to the letter. There is a format, rule, or standardized way to do things and that’s the only way they should be done. Scribe would be devastated if it intentionally broke a wedding vow; it would have to be driven to a breaking point. Scribe would also not be able to tolerate a partner who broke a vow. Scribe would imitate Martyr in its need to bring back some normalcy to the partnership, and may do it by seeking calculated revenge. “An eye for an eye” justice would prevail in Scribe’s thinking, even though it would hurt Scribe deeply to have an affair; Mistress Energy would serve to inflame the issues and having an affair may be the only thing Scribe can rationalize doing as a way to move forward toward forgiveness. The same thing would apply in a business setting. Scribe would have the letter of the law on its side and be devastated if its work was criticized or its job was threatened. It would find some way to seek justice, and that may become a long-term (bad) attitude toward people in the work place, or toward customers it serves. This is particularly prevalent if Scribe’s job is secured in some way and it doesn’t have to fear being fired.

Betrayed Scribe: will use the “law” it abides by to calculate its vengeance. If it can’t quite bring itself to instigate the torture it will ensure its (embellished) side of the story comes to the attention of people it predicts will engage the system on its behalf. It will revel in the pain, chaos, and hurt it can cause which will serve to harden its own wounded heart.

Seeker (Wanderer, Disciple, Nomad, Student): See Guide. Seeker in archetype terms denotes someone on a spiritual quest, where the other archetypes in this group may simply be searching for “something.” Regardless, this archetype group is curious, and open to new experiences, which leaves it susceptible to Mistress Energy. Curiosity can lead it to the brink of disaster; Mistress pushes it in. When we start to scheme about breaking the rules, or look into ways to make something happen, even when we know it’s against our best interest, we have fallen into the grip of Mistress Energy. Student and Disciple as subordinates to experts can find themselves in unhealthy awe of a teacher. If the Teacher is misusing its power things could catapult into disaster. One example may be a cult leader mesmerizing followers who in-turn donate all material possessions to the cult, or participate in group suicide. The follower (Student) would make this sacrifice in order to find favor from the cult leader who may promise some kind of spiritual redemption. Mistress Energy would be compelling both sides to participate, each seeking its own agenda. Mistress Energy would also be behind a Seeker’s (religious leader’s) temptation to enter into extra-marital affairs. While doing its work Seeker is called upon to provide counsel; compassion and concern are provided by Seeker; need and frailty are emitted from the patron; Seeker intensifies its efforts to help; ego is stroked and before Seeker realizes what’s happening it has fallen into the abyss of Mistress Energy. Some religions still encourage self-flogging to purge self of impurity. Whatever Seeker does, it is the path toward Divine Light that will be its way out. But, even that path is strewn with rocks when one’s will is reluctant to make the journey. Wanderer is slightly different in that it relishes variety, in what it does and who it “does.” It may have no self-incrimination over its actions, but just the same it doesn’t wish to get caught and disturb its way of life. Not all Wanderers are sexually promiscuous, but Wanderers in the grips of Mistress Energy will seek multiple partners.

Betrayed Seeker: can’t help but wonder what it did to cause the situation; it will wallow in a quagmire of guilt. It will look for ways past the episode(s) and will seek counseling. It will probably load up a shelf of self-help books and fill multiple journals in its efforts to resolve its pain. Wanderer may do these things but it may also just go on a trip (or move) in hopes that changing its environment will feed its soul and help its heart to mend; of course meeting new people and potential new conquests won’t hurt either.

Servant: Servant needs to serve, but Servant can do so on its own terms. If Servant feels used or abused, it can just as easily refuse to serve. But, if Servant falls victim to its need to be needed it can become involved in unsavory situations. Servant needs to feel appreciated or it starts to feel enslaved. A predator would know this and do its best to make Servant feel invaluable, while Servant may feel taken for granted elsewhere. Mistress Energy would engage and Servant would find itself in over its head. One way out is for Servant to decide to serve its own needs first. Self-preservation is a strong undercurrent in Servant energy; if Servant feels its soul is at risk it will find a way out of its predicament. It may mean that Servant has to endure a divorce it does not want (or believe in, preferring to honor vows). It may mean that Servant has to leave a relationship it cherishes because the partner lied and is already married. Servant is able to do what it must to serve Self. But, Servant can fall prey to the edict of “keep your enemies closer,” and opt to remain in potentially dangerous situations in order to ensure some greater good is accomplished (e.g. staying in an abusive relationship to protect an innocent from the predator).

Betrayed Servant: can adopt an almost “holier than thou” attitude toward the situation and the betrayer. It will hold up all it had to sacrifice and endure for the relationship in a sanctimonious testimony of how it was right and the betrayer was so horribly wrong.  Then, if able, it will treat itself to some of the luxuries it felt it had to deny itself while in the burdensome relationship. Its only hope is to reach of point of indifference toward the parties involved because it may not be able (to forgive and) move forward until it does. Remember, this energy doesn’t simply apply to one-on-one relationships; public servants, people in service industries, anyone in any situation that employs Servant archetypal energy can be betrayed in any number of ways, but not all will have Servant archetype as an innate character facet.

Slave: Slave feels it must serve; it has no choice. It cannot survive without its master. Slave lives in fear of not being good enough or of not working hard enough to keep the peace. Slave worries about punishment for bad performance. Slave basically does what it is told to do, whether it feels the behavior is morally reprehensible or not. Slave also tolerates virtually any behavior its master chooses to display. If the master decides to have another lover (even within the same home), Slave feels it has no choice but to comply. If the boss decides to give someone else the promotion it was promised or deserves, Slave feels it has to work even harder. Mistress Energy can give Slave the courage to break its bondage, but without change Slave will simply find itself serving a different master (and possibly in trouble with both). Mistress Energy can tempt Slave to seek other options but only Slave can muster the inner fortitude to break the self-imposed chains. This won’t be easy because most Slaves won’t feel able to survive beyond limited parameters of existence.

Betrayed Slave: is a rare character; it takes total abandonment before Slave notices it has been wronged. Even then it won’t feel deserving and may resign itself to homelessness and the occasional generosity or strangers. If it does gain another benefactor it will undoubtedly fall back into its habitual Slave/Master behavior patterns, and while it may be grateful for its salvation, it will live in fear of being inept.

Vampire: We all use Vampire energy at one time or another. Anyone in journalism is a Vampire; it takes others’ energy to feed the journalist’s needs. Sometimes the people being reported about receive welcomed publicity; sometimes they suffer from the journalist’s biting words. People in retail or sales are Vampires to a degree, they need customers to survive, but in this situation the customers usually get something they value in return. Mistress Energy can make the Vampire seem more desperate (or hungry) than usual. Vampires always need victims, but Mistress can make the Vampire feel the need for a victim. It can also make a person draw closer to the seductive Vampire. If that does happen things may seem great for a while, but one thing is for sure: the Vampire will eventually drain the victim dry and then be on the prowl for the next victim. This will leave the victim devastated. The only way to turn the tables is to leave the Vampire first. Vampire won’t know what to do; it wants what it can’t have. Mistress Energy only makes that want worse. In the business world this could be the reporter who is working for that elusive Pulitzer, missing it by a fraction of an inch, and tempted to do anything necessary to get it the next time. In romance, it could the predator who selects her prey and then does all she can to convince the wife her husband’s disloyal when he hasn’t strayed, and then swoops in to claim her prize while the couple is quarreling. The constant is that Vampire is a predator.

Betrayed Vampire: will unleash an unholy hell. It can’t fathom being taken advantage of because it calls the shots. It selects its victims by the probability of it being able to get all it wants, and it doesn’t like to be wrong. It also can’t stand a happy ending, at least not one that involves its victim returning to its mate (or the prize story not ending in dramatic tragedy). It has to feed and the blood is only sweet when it is hot and laced with fear; blood that has run cold is as disgusting as moldy leftovers.

Villain (Con-man, Thief, Dark Priest, Bounty Hunter): Villain can’t exist without a victim. Mistress Energy makes the victim draw close to the Villain because the victim wants what Villain is offering. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s because it is. Victim willingly walks into the trap, and is happy for a while, but eventually Villain’s promises are seen for the lies they are. By then Villain is usually gone (or so empowered it is virtually untouchable—Hitler comes to mind). Its involvement lasts only as long as it takes to seal the deal; there is always a planned getaway. Of course Villain can always want something it can’t have, or that it has to take great risk to obtain. That’s when Mistress Energy walks into its door and invites Villain to play. If Villain gets too mesmerized by Mistress, and the greed “she” inspires, it runs the risk of its empire crumbling.

Betrayed Villain: will never blame itself or accept any of the responsibility for the mess in which it lands. It will lash out and indict everyone it can, threatening any type of retribution it thinks it might be able to inflict. It will be angry and vengeful and completely unforgiving. It will take this anger into its next venture and use it fuel even hotter fires of deception.

Warrior (Soldier, Crime Fighter, Amazon, Mercenary, Secret Agent, Body Guard, Kickboxer, Vigilante, Xena Warrior Princess): See also Prince and Servant. Warrior follows orders, trains hard, and works to keep its mind as sharp as its body. Some Warriors may not have physical strength or ideal weight, but they all have determined hearts. Warrior steps into, and then out of, conflict (or the battles it chooses). Recipients of Warrior’s services are usually grateful; some are “too” grateful. The “groupie” effect can take over and Warrior may have an (unwelcome) fan club. It’s hard for Warrior to keep its head in the game when it also has to fend off admirers. Mistress Energy can tempt Warrior to abuse its power over civilians and grateful recipients. It can make the most stalwart Warrior feel vulnerable and appreciated (for all of the wrong reasons). Mistress Energy can make recipients (or admiring subordinates) so mesmerized in hero worship that they will do almost anything to show their appreciation. When this happens the recipient will confuse appreciation (and its own inability to fight for itself) as love. There may be nothing in common between the people involved but Mistress Energy will have them feeling as if there is a foundation on which to build a relationship (whether it’s in business or intimacy). We all know that having a life saved (or similar assistance during traumatic events) can have an effect on people. They will wonder “what if” perhaps for the rest of that (restored) life, and will have tremendous surges of gratitude emanating toward Warrior. But before vowing to have this man’s children, recipients need to make sure they are doing what’s best for themselves (and all concerned) instead of paying off some kind of emotional debt. The same warning goes if the Warrior is influenced by healthcare, caregiver, hero, rescuer, mentor, etc., archetypes. Warrior must check its ego and work to avoid situations of hero worship. Warrior must also avoid the “rape and pillage” attitudes enmeshed in centuries of our human cellular memory. Just because Warrior can take something doesn’t mean it should. Warriors, especially ones who live in solitude, must take care not to listen to Mistress’ siren song when it whispers temptation. Take an example from The Odyssey; sailors couldn’t safely navigate around Sirens, nor could Warriors fight them—their only salvation lay in complete and total disregard of their being (plugging ears and blinding sight). Those not strong enough to escape the call were bashed, mercilessly, on the rocks.

Betrayed Warrior: is not apt to sit back and weep for its losses. Warrior is a fighting machine and will take the fight to the betrayer. That doesn’t mean that loved ones should live in fear of Warrior’s brute force; many Warriors have compassionate hearts and wouldn’t dream of hurting loved ones. But, when it comes to protecting its best interests, Warrior isn’t going to “go peaceful into that dark night.” The fighting may be accomplished through lawyers rather than with fists, but available weaponry will be pulled out and used to its advantage. Of course, Warrior may also opt to cut its losses and simply walk away. If this is done the betrayer can practically count on there never being a reconciliation of the relationship; even if Warrior is able to forgive and forget, and tempted to mend fences, at the least sign of deception or deceitful behavior Warrior will be far beyond reach.


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